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What Is Chiropractic?

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is an overall way of looking at the human body. It's based on the idea that the body is self-sustaining and self-healing. The body is in essence completely controlled by the brain through its connection via the spinal cord and the vast networks of nerves that make up the body.  If a patient has misaligned vertebrae, this can cause nerve interference and pain. When the nervous system is not functioning at its peak, the overall performance of the human body is lacking.    Chiropractors provide manipulations, or adjustments, to vertebrae and joints to restore your body to it's optimal state.  This can help remove the nerve interference and relieve pain.

While it's often perceived that a chiropractor treats only back and neck pain, this is simply a small piece of what the profession really is capable of handling. Chiropractors not only treat soft and hard tissue problems such as sciatica and joint pain, but are largely called on to deal with more significant issues. Some of these issues include fibromyalgia, allergies, insomnia, headaches and many more.

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